Aftershock Alt
Well we somehow survived the first half of the semester, and October has been so damn full of good music I am happy to present “Aftershock” as an expression of gratitude for it being time to just chill. The first few tracks are the best indie-electronica around and they’ll catch your ear for sure. After that, as always, we move into the world of chill and stay there for a while. I felt that this needed to be a playlist about both celebration and unwinding, but mostly unwinding. After the chill we gradually speed things up but this playlist is conspicuously devoid of a “turn up” section. If you’re missing the turn up vibes, please feel free to check out BTS, my latest attempt at harnessing pure aggression in musical form. The last songs are miscellaneous but all great in their own way. Give it a listen, you deserve it.

Let me know what you think!

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