Basenji – Air

Basenji always amazes me with their beautifully weird sounds. I can never fully tell what’s going on in their songs but I always know I like it. With weird vocal chops, gibberish lyrics, and a peaceful melody, this is a song to put on quiet during a picnic by yourself in a clearing in the woods. I doubt I’ll ever be in that situation, but if I am I hope I have some speakers and this song downloaded. Eavie over at Kick Kick Snare puts it best:

“You know how in Super Mario Brothers games you’ll hop in a tube or up onto the clouds and there’s this weird, but super awesome aside where you jump through coins or win a bunch of extra lives? Yeah, this is the theme music to that little, randomly delightful side note.”

Enjoy the song, and stick around till the end:

Let me know what you think!

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