ice ball lightning

The seasons are shifting and everyone’s buckling down for autumn. Usually the most stressful time of year, I’d argue it’s also the most beautiful, and it’s important to enjoy the changing of the leaves and prevalence of apple cider while you can. The last month has been a great one for music, and with Shocktober I bring you all of my favorite tracks the indie blogosphere had to offer. As per usual, I start off with my favorite alt-electronica songs to get a smooth vibe going and warm you up for the turn-up deep house influenced songs that are to come . After we’re done turning up, I bring down the energy for some hip-hop influenced electronica that transitions into very chill songs. I always gotta go back to my roots so I included some of the best chill indie alt-rock in there for you guys, too. The playlist ends with one last turn-up that shifts into some jazzy hip-hop to finish up. Enjoy the playlist below, and here’s a little “roadmap” so you can navigate the vibes:

  1. Alt-electronica – “Bloodsport” through “Whatever”
  2. Turn up – “Ocean Drive” through “Killin’ It”
  3. Alt-electronica – “Better in the Morning” through “It’s Strange”
  4. Chill out – “Where Are Ü Now” through “Fade”
  5. Alt-electronica – “Sleep” through “James Dean”
  6. Hip-Hop/Jazzy – “Love Will Follow You” through the end.

Let me know what you think!

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