And we’re back. School’s in full swing, and I’m sure I’m not alone in feeling some tectonic shifts in my lifestyle, self-perception, and goals. Luckily, my taste in music hasn’t changed. The past few weeks have provided us with a virtual treasure trove of great songs and it was difficult to narrow it down to only 53. Regardless, cuts had to be made and we’re left with only the best. If someone ever asks you “What type of music does Seamus listen to?” just play them the first 20 songs of this playlist because it’s pretty much the perfect sample with appearances from artists as diverse as Kiiara, GRiZ, and NGHTMRE. After that I took it down several notches with the energy’s nadir occurring somewhere in between Kygo’s two Piano Jams. With a few acoustic indie songs as a bridge to bring us back up to normal energy levels, I attempt a return back to an energetic, yet slightly alternative peak with a flavor of deep house courtesy of Slaptop. The rest of the playlist is a bit of a hodgepodge of random songs that I couldn’t truly make flow but was not willing to cut out of the playlist because I like each of them very much individually. Be ready for a few mood swings along this journey. Enjoy below.

Kaskade Feat. Ilsey – Disarm You (Illenium Remix)

Illenium never ceases to amaze me. I loved the original track by Kaskade and was worried that any remix of “Disarm You” that crossed my path would butcher a sound I’d come to admire. My fears appear to have been misplaced. Hailing from Denver, Colorado, Illenium has turned almost every track he’s touched into a soaring electronic anthem. This is no exception. The buildup to the drop relies on layering elements of Illenium’s digital arsenal, rapidly accelerating from a relatively calm introductory verse. The snare quietly picks up pace while ambient chords increase in volume. “I just wanna love who you really are” rings out as you anticipate a sick drop and are not disappointed. As with all good songs, it doesn’t try to do too much at once and we are left with a wholly satisfying upbeat EDM track. Enjoy below, I know this will be on repeat for a few days.

Lewisland ™ – Starting a Revolution

Welcome to Lewisland. This musical venture launched by Nigerian-born, Italian-raised Lewis Angelo has produced several chill songs that range from blues-rock to indie-pop. “Starting a Revolution” is my favorite so far, featuring an upbeat cadence, a simple piano riff, and showcasing Lewis’ vocals. What it lacks in complexity, this track makes up for in easy listening appeal and a lighthearted message that tugs at your heartstrings. I look forward to future songs from Lewisland, and make sure to check him out below and on Soundcloud.

The Griswolds – Right on Track (Win & Woo Remix)

Win & Woo are back with another jam. I’ve been following these guys since their remix of EVVY’s “Swing” captured my ears in early February. They’ve developed their style significantly since then and experimented with a few different sounds but this track marks a return to what got them blogosphere-famous in the first place. Lighthearted tropical vibes with a nice swing to the beat are trademarks of this Chicago-based duo, and their songs are always good for a chill session with friends. Enjoy this track as well as their remix of “Swing” below.

P.S. – I knew this track was gonna be good from the first chord. Just listen to it and compare it with “Swing,” it’s almost identical in its style.

filous – How Hard I Try (RAC Mix)

RAC has consistently dazzled me this past year with high-quality remixes of songs I already loved. This track is no exception. Usually he ups the tempo on songs but today he decided to mellow out the original and give it a smoother feel. Keeping much of the original vibe, RAC has breathed new life into this song and made it worth yet another listen. Enjoy below.

Victoria Celestine – Something More

New female pop-artists are a dime a dozen nowadays but I don’t discount the genre because it’s extremely rewarding when you find someone you truly like in the mix. Today is one of those rewarding days. 18-year old Victoria Celestine is rocking an 80s pop vibe in her new song “Something More” that kind of reminds me of Great Good Fine Ok and the general progression toward retro sounds that I’ve observed recently in indie music. With soothing vocals, an energetic beat, and a lot of potential, Victoria delivers a hit with this track. Enjoy below and give her a follow on Soundcloud!

Hurricane Chris – Sections (feat. Ty Dolla $ign)

Alright I’ll admit I know literally nothing about Hurricane Chris or what kind of music he makes but if this is any indication for the future I’m excited. Featuring Ty Dolla $ign and produced by DJ Mustard, this track brings in a couple of the best known names in hip-hop. A chill track with a nice rhythm and impressive lyricism, “Sections” is a hit with me. Enjoy below.