We’re definitely in the thick of it now. Somehow, D.C. has been blessed with very low humidity for the last couple of days, creating the perfect conditions for fun in the sun. Fun in the sun needs a playlist to go with it, and I believe I’ve provided that right here. This is a playlist for when you’re hanging with your friends on your local grass patch or open-air patio, preferably drink in hand. We start with a solid remix of one of my favorite Major Lazer songs and continue the electronica vibe. The Autograf remix of Avicii’s “Waiting for Love” sets a deep-house vibe but doesn’t fully delve into the genre. We continue with that chill, thumping bass and trippy audio vibe for a song or two before into the “peak” of the playlist with a couple of hard-hitting electronica tracks courtesy of Matt D’Emic. The peak is followed by a few cooldown songs and the next ten songs are very very chill. These are good passive listening songs and I encourage you to focus on the whole song rather than individual aspects. As we approach the end we have a brief stint of hip-hop beats before regressing back into chill/acoustic to leave you with a clear mind walking away from this set. Enjoy below.

Let me know what you think!

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