RAC – Falling Hard (feat. Madi Diaz)

RAC is following other remix-centered artists like The Chainsmokers into the world of original music and he’s doing pretty well for himself so far. This track departs significantly from his trademark sound – typically remixes of good indie alt-rock songs – by focusing on a more intense, dark, and pixelated vibe. Sultry vocals by Madi Diaz are on point and reminds me of a  CHVRCHES song. Enjoy RAC’s two recent originals below and catch him on tour here.


This month’s “monthly” playlist comes a bit early as I finish up my final week in D.C. and seek to bring some closure to this absurd experience. A lot has changed in ten weeks, and it’s on to a rapid-fire barrage of travel and forced relaxation before shit hits the fan this fall. This set will serve as the background music for it all, and I think it’ll fit pretty well. The first twelve songs are slow-burners with a lot of hidden energy that have captivated my attention for the last few weeks. Characterized by thumping bass, low-key crescendos and head-bobbing rhythms, these songs are addicting as hell. After that we move toward more indie-pop vibes and culminate with some straight EDM courtesy of friends like Kaskade. We’ll need to cool off after that dance session so we have some nice alt-rock for a while after that – more than most playlists. I heard a couple of hip-hop songs that I just had to include so I threw them in there as well. We finish off with some house music to re-energize you and keep you going until the next playlist. Hope the summer has been treating you all well. Enjoy the set below.

Hayden James – Something About You (ODESZA Remix)

I’m glad that ODESZA is back on their remix grind. They took an understandable and very well-deserved break after the release of their debut album In Return and notably toured the shit out of the U.S. Well they’re still touring and rocking the live scene but they have found some time in their busy schedule to drop a fire remix. Remaining mellow until a bumping chorus, this track significantly departs from the original’s deep house vibe and adds that signature lighthearted ODESZA vibe. Check it out below, I can’t wait for more.

EVVY – Tidal Wave

EVVY hits the spot with this track – poppy and energetic enough to be a summer hit, this song highlights her distinctly sweet voice while maintaining the indie vibe she pulls off so well. Based out of NYC, EVVY is growing her base with a smart quality-over-quantity approach that includes allowing remixes of her best songs and featuring on hot tracks (an example of each below). I’m excited for what’s up next with this artist – enjoy the tunes below.

The White Panda – Try Madness

I admit it’s been a while since I’ve given The White Panda a listen – but I’m glad I decided to click play on this one. It’s rare that you get a mashup that is so good that it brings out the best of the original tracks while coming together to create a unique sound of its own. The White Panda has pulled that off – I never even realized Madness had a guitar riff in it and that Dej Loaf has such a good singing voice. They fit perfectly together. We may be past the age of mashup madness, but this is a worthy flashback.

Besade – Sleep Factory

I’d never heard of Besade until ten minutes ago but you can bet that I’ll be looking out for this Toronto-based producer in the future. “Sleep Factory” caught my ear with its catchy voice-editing, glitchy synth riff, and slow build up to a smooth, energetic body. I can picture this being a great walkout song for any occasion as it projects confidence and has a kind of rock-and-roll vibe even though you won’t hear a single guitar. Make sure you stick around until 3:14 – the second drop is great. This would make a great debut original for any producer. Give it a listen below along with Besade’s newest song, “The Lights.” Enjoy.

P.S. – Album artwork game strong.

Kiiara – Tennessee

Kiiara quickly follows up her #1 on hypem hit “Gold” (included below) with a slow burner to dissuade any rumors that she might be a one-hit wonder. This Illinois-based up-and-coming artist seems to have her finger on the pulse of the music blogosphere and knows what we like. With ultra-mellow vocals and a smooth bassline, Kiiara delivers. Enjoy below, I’m looking forward to more from her.