I decided to make this playlist much shorter than some of the “general” playlists I’ve been putting out recently. Not because I didn’t have enough songs to make a three hour playlist (I cut this playlist in half while I was arranging it), but rather because I felt that I haven’t been selective enough recently. I decided to crack down this time, and AfterJune only contains my true favorite songs that the internet has provided me in the past couple of weeks. This time I decided to kick it off with my personal favorite kind of music, energetic alt-electronica. With special appearances from some of my favorite artists (Sound Remedy, Boehm, RAC, Chainsmokers), the first few songs are essentially an all-star lineup of new releases. After that, things start to get a little darker. Bobby K is a song that’s gotten a lot of attention recently, check out my full write-up of it here, and its more serious tone sets the stage for a downtempo remix of a new song by The Weeknd as well as an alternate edit of a Diplo song. Following Major Lazer’s energetic cameo (I know that song’s on a previous playlist, I just really like it), we delve into the world of alt-rock. I always like to keep a bit of alt-rock in my playlists for two reasons: some of the new stuff out there is really good, and it’s the genre I loved the most as a teenager. We have a brief stint of progressive house to wake you up in the end, then a couple of chill tracks to cool you back down. Enjoy the playlist. Big things coming up on the blog soon.

Let me know what you think!

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