Lucian X Remmi – Bobby K

You don’t get many electronic anthems about Bobby Kennedy nowadays, and that’s a damn shame. Lucian and Remmi are here to change that – and welcome you to the new America. Robert F. Kennedy – “Bobby” – was the U.S. Attorney General under his brother JFK and later became a U.S. Senator from New York. During a 1968 presidential campaign, just after winning the California democratic primary, Sen. Bobby Kennedy was assassinated as he was leaving The Ambassador Hotel, where he had just given his victory speech. This was a devastating for America as a whole, as the memory of his brother’s assassination was fresh in the nation’s collective memory. However, this may have been particularly devastating for the black and Hispanic voters that largely supported Bobby because of his relentless campaign to secure civil rights for those groups. This song’s lyrics hint at the spirit of marches, protests, and fighting against the powers that be. This gives the track a rebellious, powerful vibe. The musical style itself reminds me of Vanic, one of my favorite artists. All around good track, check it out below.

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