Jon Bellion – Woke The Fuck Up

Listening to it for the first time at 6:30 AM, Jon Bellion woke me the fuck up with this track. My first ever post on this blog was a profile of Jon’s career, and I have never regretted the decision to let his music define the early days of this site. Of the three tracks he’s released since I started The Economix, this is definitely my favorite (Woodstock, and All Time Low are the other two). Beginning with that sing-rapping he loves to do, he quickly hooks your ear and it only gets better from there. A smooth bridge leads us into a catchy chorus, but this song didn’t truly win my heart until the acoustic guitar sample in the second verse enters the background and gives the song its full depth. With this track Jon Bellion once again proves his creative and musical ability. I can’t wait to see him at U Street in D.C. I’d link the tickets but it appears I’m not the only Bellion fan in D.C. The show has already sold out more than a month in advance.

Let me know what you think!

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