It’s been a while since I’ve made a turn-up/workout playlist and my first weekend in my new apartment in D.C. is coming up so I figured I’d treat myself to some heavy trap beats and share my collection with all of you. The first twelve-fifteen songs can only be described as “aggressive,” featuring a mix of hip-hop and trap beats that is apparently referred to as “trip-hop.” My favorite songs in this section are “I OWN IT” by TINCUP and “Do You” by TroyBoi. We then make the gradual transition to traditional progressive house for a lighter, happier, but still energetic feel. I really like the few songs right between trap and progressive house, where we get just enough of both aggression and happiness. Songs that fall under this category are the “To Ü” remix by Meaux Green and Magnifico and the “Run” remix by Ruxell and Atman. After a brief chill-sesh we climb the mountain of trap once again and finish off with some particular tunes that are particularly offensive to the ear such as NGHTMRE’s remix of “The Others.” Hope this playlist can energize you for a workout or turn up your next party. Enjoy.

Let me know what you think!

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