Headphone Activist – Ocean Floors

Sometimes Soundcloud’s “recommended songs” function can take you in unexpected directions. I was trying to find some heavier trap/electronica for an upcoming playlist *hint hint* and stumbled upon Pittsburgh-based Headphone Activist, whom I knew nothing about, and this unbelievably chill and soothing beat graced my ears. The title is on point – this is what I’d imagine it would sound like to be effortlessly flitting across the ocean floor. Like a dolphin or something. Maybe a manta ray. Upon further investigation into his work, I realized why Soundcloud recommended him to me. He has some dirty trap beats as well. I think he should sell the beat of ZEPHR to Kendrick or A$AP Rocky so it can blow up. Then his Soundcloud profile threw another curveball at me with his track “North End Highlife,” which features a remix of a classical song whose name is escaping me as I write this, even though I recognized it. A lotta depth from this guy. Check him out below.

Let me know what you think!

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