I’m pleased to announce the drop of this month’s mega-playlist, a three-hour monster named MayBe. Twice as long as the usual setlist that I produce, but maintaining the quality you’ve all come to know and love, I think there’s something for everyone in this one. The first few songs are heavy on the electronica and reach a fist-pumping peak with Ale Mora’s remix of “See You Again.” I then felt the need to mellow the mood out and the following songs quickly delve into the world of downtempo EDM and eventually some acoustic folk music with an appearance from Axel Flóvent (my favorite new Icelandic folk-singer). After bottoming out with Axel, we start climbing up the tempo mountain once again but this time into the realm of instrumental hip-hop. This brief rap adventure rapidly gives way to EDM once again, reaching a summit with CRNKN’s fantastic remix of “Lean On” by Major Lazer. Nearing the end of our 46-song journey, we slow down once more to appreciate the chill tunes of Priest and Lord Huron. However, we have to go out with a bang, so enjoy high-energy songs like Young Bombs’ remix of “Weekend Millionaires.” You might recognize some of the names on here (Wiz, Sam Smith, Chance, Fetty Wap, Oh Wonder, Dirty South) but I assure that you’ll find some new sounds from my recent favorites like Hopium, Prince Fox, Vanic, Priest, Le P, and Yuma X. Let me know what you think, and enjoy the playlist below!

Let me know what you think!

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