Priest – Priest LP

Priest has become of my favorite new bands this year and tomorrow, May 5th, they release their debut album, the Priest LP. They’ve released four songs off the album so far, (check them out below) and they’re all hits in my mind. Featuring ethereal vocals and soft synth melodies, this Orlando-based duo takes on indie-pop from a different angle than most. While their music is soft on the ears, it doesn’t lack any energy and can get your head bobbing easily. My favorite song of theirs is definitely “Broken,” followed by “Strong Hearts,” but I enjoy listening to all four of their singles. Stream their album for free on Spotify, buy it here, and check out their website here. I can’t imagine a better way to spend my Cinco de Mayo than listening to a truly talented new artist.

May 5th Update: The album is really good, and they explore some new, funkier kinds of sounds than they have before. My favorite new songs include “White Nights” (featuring some electric guitar) and “Day Drinking.” Really check it out!

Let me know what you think!

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