Tyler, The Creator – Cherry Bomb

Cherry Bomb

Tyler recently dropped an album named Cherry Bomb and in it he goes in a completely different direction with his sound. Months ago he mentioned on Twitter that he planned on making the music he makes sound more like the music he listens to. This album is the result of that effort. I honestly didn’t like it except for the below song, of which the full title is “‘THE BROWN STAINS OF DARKEESE LATIFAH PART 6 – 12’ (REMIX) [Feat. ScHoolBoy Q]”. The songs are generally very chaotic, sometimes with the instruments so much louder than Tyler’s voice that you can barely hear him. It contains the usual ridiculously graphic profanity that we expect from Tyler, and even a pretty smooth “love” song called “BLOW MY LOAD” that reminded me of “IFHY” off of his last album Wolf. Although I’m not the biggest fan of the album, I have to respect Tyler for doing what he wants with his sound and trying something new. I’d rather see an artist constantly evolving and making his sound more in-tune with his self than stagnating and producing the same album every year.

I really liked this song, though. It’s hard-hitting and Tyler starts by making fun of modern rap content (Oh you be fuckin’ bitches, countin’ all the bands, huh?), touching on what he sees as an issue with black music. The lyricism is on-point, and Tyler manages to sneak in some of his signature humor near the end. Schoolboy Q kills his verse as well. I strongly recommend it if you’re feeling angry, feeling like bragging, or getting hype. Check out the rest of his album, too, it’s on Spotify.

Let me know what you think!

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