Jon Bellion

Jon Bellion

Jon Bellion has the unique privilege of being the subject of our very first Artist Profile.

A singer-songwriter and producer from Long Island NY, Jon was so inspired by Kanye West’s album College Dropout that he decided to drop out of college himself and pursue his true passion: music. Since then he has enjoyed tremendous success, co-writing and producing the song “Trumpets” for Jason Derulo and the chorus to Eminem and Rihanna’s “Monster.”

Jon has released four full-length mixtapes: Scattered Thoughts Vol. 1 (2011), Translations Through Speakers (2013), The Separation (2013), and The Definition (2014) featuring rappers such as Logic and Blaque Keys. His sound is an interesting mix of driving hip-hop beats and soft synths accompanied by a voice that isn’t afraid to hit the high notes or rap a quick verse.

Seeking to shake the pay-for-play model of the music industry, Jon is happy that he’s written a couple of chart-toppers to pay the bills while he works on his own music and releases it for free. “There shouldn’t be a barrier to anyone to listen to my music. If they support my dream, it means more to me to give it to them.” He composes and produces all of his own music.

Below are a few tracks that I feel encompass the scope of Bellion’s work:

“Munny Right” is Bellion’s autobiographical account of his rise to fame. Themes include the discontent and fear in his early life, the critics who tell him he sounds “just like everybody else, motherfucker,” and how money isn’t the goal for him. If it sounds like he is bragging at times, that’s because he is.

“Woodstock” is a “psychedelic fiction” tale about a girl who drops acid at Coachella and time-travels back to the legendary Woodstock music festival. It makes you feel like you’re on the journey with her.

“Jim Morrison” has a hypnotic hook and showcases his ability to effectively mix hip-hop beats with a smooth R&B sound.

“Ooh” starts off sounding like an Imagine Dragons song but he quickly transitions from singing to the rhythmic sing-rapping that he includes in many of his songs.

He’s on tour right now so see if he’s gonna be stopping by your city this summer.

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